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Please Note:

Due to the government shutdown, some tours that are related to government buildings have been altered or cancelled. Some examples of this would be Pearl Harbor, USS Missouri, etc. Please contact our customer service team if you feel the tour you are interested in has been affected by this @ 1-888-753-7277 to confirm availability or changes.

Big Island Volcano Tour - 1 Day Tour From Oahu

Tour ID: AVH-01

Duration: 12 hours
Location: Big Island, Hawaii
Departs from: Honolulu Airport

Pick-up from: hotels on Oahu

The Big Island Volcano Tour is a special tour for those who would like to spend some time at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on a guided tour. You fly on jet service from Honolulu landing in Hilo where you are picked up in an air-conditioned mini bus. Your knowledgeable driver then takes you on a scenic tour through historic Hilo town, past the beautiful Rainbow Falls and lush Hawaiian gardens before climbing up to "Pele's Playground". ('Pele' is the Hawaiian Fire Goddess.)  On this in-depth tour, you spend approximately 4 hours in the Volcanoes National Park, which includes:

  • Jagger Museum
  • Volcano House (where we stop for lunch)
  • Thurston Lava Tube
  • Kilauea Iki Crater
  • Kilauea Observatory

    You also stop at Macadamia Nut Factory and at Orchid & Antherium Nursery. This day tour to the Big Island of Hawaii features the closest approach to the recent lava flows allowed by the Civil Defense. If conditions permit, you may be able to go right to the edge of molten lava flow! Again, how close you get depends on the condition of the lava flow. A sweater and comfortable walking shoes are recommended.

    Tour Details & Booking Information:

  • 7:00am-7:30am : Pick-up from hotels
  • 9:30am-8:30pm : Hawaii Volcano Tour
  • 9:30pm-10:00pm: Return time approx

    Lunch: Bring money for lunch at Volcano House. Menu prices range $6-$15.

    Child Age: 3-11yrs. Children 2 years old are required to pay for the airfare and ride in the lap of an adult in the vehicle. Children under 2yrs are free.

    Note: All passengers must present gov't issued photo ID for airline check-in. Hawaii Volcano Adventure participants are required to sign a release of liability form and should wear covered, sturdy, walking shoes. We cannot predict weather or lava viewing conditions. Lava viewing features can change hourly. WE DO NOT GUARANTEE SIGHTING OF ACTIVE LAVA FLOWS. Surface lava may be present but may not be viewable due to environmental conditions or time constraints. When lava enters the ocean, intense heat can produce a plume cloud with dangerous and potentially life threatening toxic gases, super-heated steam and hydrochloric acid. Airborne particles are a hazard to your eyes and lungs. Leave area at once. If inland flows are present and you use caution you may have an opportunity to view fresh lava up close. Follow marked routes and your guides instructions. Molten lava is 2000 degrees F. Keep a safe distance and never go into areas where your escape route may be cut off. Do not throw objects into lava as this can cause burns from spattering lava or eye injuries from airborne volcanic glass. BE AWARE, STAY ALERT, USE CAUTION, DO NOT TAKE CHANCES.

  • Guide to Calendar Available Sold Out

    Approximate Time: 6:00 AM
    $403.18 per Adult x
    $350.96 per Child (3-11yrs) x
    $319.63 per Child (2yrs) x
    $0.00 per Under 2yrs x

    Additional costs apply for these special services.
    $10.42/$10.42/$10.42  Round-Trip Transportation from Hotel

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